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Viareggio Opera Project

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  • Iscrizione: 50 eur
  • Prima Rata: 100 eur
  • Seconda Rata: 300 eur
  • Uditori: 130 eur

International Master Class of Lyrical Singing and Stagecraft,
Opera Studio: 
La Bohème by Giacomo PucciniTeachers: M° Francesco Anile (Tenor) 
M° Ludek Golat (Stage Director e Aristic Director)

1. Open Enrollment

Open enrollment for the international Master Class of Lyrical Singing and Stagecraft organized by Accademia Musicale della Versilia. Enrollment includes both disciplines, it is not possible to enroll only for one of the two.

2.  Ammission Requirements

The Master Class is for any lyrical singer with no age limit, both italian and foreigner.

3. Course Purpose

The purpose of the course is to refine the singing technique and the intepretation of the classical singing repertoire, the focus will be mostly on the opera “La Boheme” by Giacomo Puccini. The participants can anyway present any programme.

4. Final Concert

With absolute discretion by the teachers and the direction, during the final concert, on the day august 31st 20:00 pm at Villa Borbone – Viareggio, by performing the version Opera Studio “La Boheme” by Giacomo Puccini, the listed prizes will be assigned:

– Prize for best Voice of Versilia 2018
– Contract for the World Premiere Opera Lirica “Il Tesoro di Alarico” by Salvatore Frega libretto by Manuel Renga (12 shows comprising the first execution and the replays).

– The best voices will be presented to the most important international theatres. Every participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

5. Structure of the Course

The Master Class will last 4 days with lessons from approximately 10:00 am to 01:00 pm and from 02:30 pm to 6:00 pm. To every actual student will be guaranteed a daily lesson with both teachers and their assistant. The afternoon of the fourth day will be reserved to audition the auditors students.

6. Time and Place

The Master Class will take place inside the Accademia Musicale Della Versilia, via Machiavelli 257/ Via Cei, days August 28th – 29th – 30th – 31st 2018.

7. Study Materials

Opera Lirica: “La Bohème” by Giacomo Puccini. As been said on point 3, the programme can be different for the ones who would like to refine different areas of interests. The study materials (sheets music) must presented with three copies and delivered on the first day of course.

8. Number of Participants

The Master Class will accept only the first 20 real subscribers; all the other students will be possibily accepted as uditors students. The uditors students (till all the position are filled) will have the right to be heard/have lesson in the afternoon of the last day of the Master Class.

9. Subscription fee and entire course fee.

The subscription fee is € 50,00.

To the actual students, the entire cost of the Master Class is € 400,00. To the auditor students the entire cost of the master class is € 130,00. The subscription fee and all the payments for the entire Master Class will be not refunded. Split payments is possible: the first one of € 100.00 when subscribing and the second one of € 300.00 on the first day of the Master Class at the Academy. The payment of the subrscription fee and the entire master class must be headed to:

Accademia Musicale della Versilia srls



The payment description must show the name and the lastname of the participant, also type of student (actual or auditor)

10. Application form and terms of presentation

The application form must be sent filled in every part with all the attachments (Resume, Identity Document, Codice Fiscale (“Social Security Number”), bank transfer receipt) within and no later than the date 08/12/2018 to this e mail address:

11. Audio Video Recordings

By subscribing the participant gives the permission to be filmed and transmitted on the radio, on television, on audio tape and video taken by the organizer itself or by staff members and authorized organizations. Particularly, the participant gives every right to the organization, free of charge, of video and audio recordings for any use related to the event. The organization reserves the rights of utilizing images, audio and video recordings for the promotion related to the present or future events, or to publish audio and video recordings for demonstrations and promotional intent.

12. Personal Data Treatments

By subscribing the participant gives the authorization of his personal data treatment as stated by the italian law (Dlgs 196 del 30 Giugno 2003).

13. Validity of the call in italian language, responsability and acceptance.

The present call is published in both italian and english language. In case of any inconsistency or discrepancy between the two versions, the italian language version shall prevail. The direction reserves the right to modify the present call. If some modification to this very call were to be made the direction will promptly let all the participant know.

By participating to the Master Class the call is to be consider entirely accepted. Any dispute will be face by the jurisdiction of Prato.

  • Francesco Anile
  • Ludek Golat



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